George Marie

Hi. My name is George. Please don't call me Dr. :)

In my professional life, I have worn the hats of "composer," "professor," "higher education consultant," and "digital marketing expert." My core digital marketing skill sets include SEM, SEO, CRO, and digital media marketing. As a teacher and higher educational consultant, I have had my articles published in peer reviewed journals.

My Compositions

Some of my clients have 230+ keywords on the first page of Google. I can rank clients for hard words, but more importantly, I have a tried and true success record of improving their bottom line -- leads and revenue. 

My Website (s)

I have set up ecommerce stores and other websites in the past. If you want to see one of my websites, search for "middle eastern wedding dresses" or "gothic wedding dresses." This website puts "gorilla marketing" to the test. See a snapshot of my traffic below. My wedding dress website is