Hi, my name is George.

George Marie (b. 1983) is a composer, teacher, writer, and higher education specialist. He currently serves on the faculty at the University of Utah as adjunct assistant professor of music theory, where he has taught Music Theory and Musicianship since 2009. He also works as a consultant with the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.

As a composer, George's music has been heard at the Oregon Bach Festival Composers' Symposium, the Prospectives International Digital Art Festival, International Double Reed Society Conference, and the Midwest Composers' Symposium.  



This is my music. 

My music has been described as florid, vibrant, passionate, and colorful. I believe in using as much color as possible in my music. As a composer, I am inspired by poetry, especially the work of Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, and the Sufi mystics. My compositional style emulates characteristics found in the music of Beethoven, Bernstein, Dallapiccola, Druckman, Ran, and others. 

I love teaching.

I started teaching music theory during my master's degree at the University of Iowa. At the University of Utah, I've taught Musicianship I, II, III, and IV in addition to Music Theory I, II, and III. I specialize in bringing cutting edge research into the classroom and using it in a pedagogically sound manner. My students give me rave reviews. Students appreciate my ability to have "high expectations, but be laid back at the same time" and love how I create an atmosphere where students "can ask questions that are answered in a polite and respectful manner."